St Louis Residents protest against the Zimmerman verdict

Residents rally in front of the Justice Center in St. Louis

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Mother’s Search for Answers

Christian Taylor Ferguson has been missing for more than a decade

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Have the Paparazzi gone too far?

Fair Media Images looks at the Paparazzi and their ambush style tactics.

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Another Icon Passes

Rest in peace Mike Wallace. May your fellow journalists fight to restore integrity to our deteriorating industry.

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Fair Media Imag…

Trayvon Martin
On the murder of teenager Travon Martin in Florida and the subsequent comment of Geraldo Rivera urging parents of black and latino children not to allow them to go out wearing hoodies. A garment of clothing should not serve as a bullseye or target for someone carrying preconcieved yet inaccuarate perceptions of another based on race,age,sex. If an elderly woman in a hoodie had lost her way and wandered in the same neighborhood, would the outcome have been different?
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Investigators take on Private LaVena Lynn Johnson’s case


 On Tuesday, July 19, the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute (CCIRI) at CHI Institute will continue its investigation into the death of 19-year-old Private LaVena Johnson by recreating the crime scene. Johnson died in July 2005 while serving in Balad, Iraq. Army officials listed Johnson’s death as a suicide, but the evidence and circumstances have investigators taking another look at the case.

The CCIRI has taken on high profile cases such as Chandra Levy, Natalee Holloway, Tupac Shakur and The Boston Strangler. Each year the CCIRI investigates a new cold case and this year has chosen Johnson’s case. The CCIRI’s crime scene reconstruction will help shed light on this case that has attracted worldwide attention. The case was also the inspiration for the documentary, “LaVena Johnson – The Silent Truth.”

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Has journalism lost it’s way?

When breaking news consists of scrutinizing the citizenship of The President,        I’d have to say yes. A sad day. It’s disturbing to fathom what the content of newscasts will consist of 5 years from now.                       

Donna Head-Media Advocate & Founder of Fair Media Images


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